Are you a good friend? Advanced Level

Your friend is always late. What do you do? Say nothing, but fester inside Lose it with them Give them a 15 minute time limit How would you persuade a friend to do something they're scared of? List reasons why it's not scary Tease them into it Lie and tell them you've done it before Imagine you're at a party at someone's house and their parents have gone out. You're having a brilliant time, but your friend wants to go home. What do you do? Go home with them Call a cab...

Are you a good friend? Starter level

How would you deal with a friend who's always late? Get mad but say nothing Set a time limit for waiting Trick them by giving them an earlier time to meet A friend tells you they are scared of something. You: tell them it's okay because lots of people are afraid of things push them into facing it tease them about it Your friends are doing something that could lead to an accident. You: get involved laugh along but worry warn them to be careful Imagine you're at a ...

Who do you think you are? Advanced Level

At a party, you are more likely to be the person: in a corner having a deep and meaningful conversation rushing around making everyone laugh looking for an escape route Your school's going on a bowling trip. You: put on some comfy gear and head out make an excuse to get out of it practise beforehand so you won't look a fool When it comes to facing a difficult situation between you and your friends, you: hope it will blow over worry like mad and try to think of a good ...

Who do you think you are? Starter Level

You arrive at your friend's birthday party to find yourself faced by a room full of people you don't know. You: hide behind the nearest potted plant take a deep breath and start chatting hope someone will come and start talking to you You've won a competition to go with two friends to an extreme sports centre. You: feel a bit scared but go because your friends want to go throw yourself in at the deep end turn it down because you're afraid of going Your best friend spills on...

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Just A Few Drinks: Interactive

Just a Few Drinks Which film did you watch? Drag and drop the statements into the correct box. Put the better outcomes in the green box, and worse outcomes into the red box Alan negative Alan or one of his friends passed out, was sick or got alcohol poisoning. Alan’s friends piled in and there was a big fight. The police were called and Alan ended up with a caution or criminal record. Alan’s parents were called and school informed. Alan’s injuries were much worse. posit...

Knowledge Quiz Score

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Knowledge Quiz How did you do? Oh dear 0-5 Oh dear, you need to brush up on your facts and be a bit more aware. But don't despair, the site is here to help you and has lots of useful information. Why not try the body zone? Not Bad 6-8 You're pretty aware about alcohol and drinking, but you're a bit rusty on some of the facts. You may want to brush up on your knowledge and the website has lots of useful information to help you. Why not try the body zone? Great Score! 9-13 Great scor...

Fact or Fiction Score

Fact or Fiction? How much do you know about alcohol? Oh dear 0-6 You need to brush up on your knowledge!  Visit the Fact Zone or Challenge Zone Not Bad 7-10 Learn a bit more by visiting our Fact Zone or Challenge Zone You're a Pro! 11-13 Well done! Want to play another game? Visit the Challenge Zone Top Marks! Want to play another game? Visit the Challenge Zone 14-15 Well done! //