Who do you think you are? Advanced Level

At a party, you are more likely to be the person:

  • in a corner having a deep and meaningful conversation
  • rushing around making everyone laugh
  • looking for an escape route

Your school’s going on a bowling trip. You:

  • put on some comfy gear and head out
  • make an excuse to get out of it
  • practise beforehand so you won’t look a fool

When it comes to facing a difficult situation between you and your friends, you:

  • hope it will blow over
  • worry like mad and try to think of a good way out
  • face them head on and sort it out immediately

Someone takes an instant dislike to you. You:

  • wonder what you’ve done wrong
  • wonder what’s wrong with them
  • try to talk to them about it

You want to get someone you fancy to notice you. You:

  • do something to get yourself noticed
  • ask friends to intervene
  • ignore them and hope they’ll notice you

Your best trait is:

  • you have a good sense of fun
  • you have a sense of adventure
  • you’re a good friend

Which statement feels most true for you?

  • You trust yourself
  • You can’t trust anyone
  • You only ever trust your friends

At a party, an adult who drinks alcohol:

  • may be the life and soul of the party
  • may be more confident
  • may behave very differently from usual

If you think about drinking alcohol, which statement would be most true for you?

  • I’m scared about what alcohol would do to me
  • I’m sure I’d be fine drinking alcohol
  • I worry a bit about what alcohol would do to me

The worst thing about drinking alcohol is:

  • it’s against the law to buy it if you’re under 18
  • you could get addicted to it if you drink excessively
  • you might get a hangover if you drink too much