Are you a good friend? Starter level

How would you deal with a friend who’s always late?

  • Get mad but say nothing
  • Set a time limit for waiting
  • Trick them by giving them an earlier time to meet

A friend tells you they are scared of something. You:

  • tell them it’s okay because lots of people are afraid of things
  • push them into facing it
  • tease them about it

Your friends are doing something that could lead to an accident. You:

  • get involved
  • laugh along but worry
  • warn them to be careful

Imagine you’re at a great party at someone’s house, and their parents have gone out. Your friend has sneaked some alcohol into the party, drinks it and suddenly feels very ill. What do you do?

  • Call their parents
  • Call their parents or, if it’s serious, an ambulance
  • Take them home

A friend disagrees with your view on a new band. You:

  • don’t take it personally because everyone likes different things
  • feel hurt
  • tell them they’re wrong

Your friend’s mum accuses you of leading your friend astray. Is this likely to be:

  • totally untrue
  • true
  • the other way around

Among your friends, you are:

  • the risk taker
  • the brains
  • the joker

As a friend, you’re the best at:

  • listening
  • having fun
  • being there