Are you a good friend? Advanced Level

Your friend is always late. What do you do?

  • Say nothing, but fester inside
  • Lose it with them
  • Give them a 15 minute time limit

How would you persuade a friend to do something they’re scared of?

  • List reasons why it’s not scary
  • Tease them into it
  • Lie and tell them you’ve done it before

Imagine you’re at a party at someone’s house and their parents have gone out. You’re having a brilliant time, but your friend wants to go home. What do you do?

  • Go home with them
  • Call a cab for them
  • Ask someone else to take them home

Imagine you’re out biking with your friends. A couple of your friends get out some alcoholic drinks. They’re under the legal age for buying alcohol. What do you do?

  • Say nothing but refuse a drink
  • Quietly tell them that drinking can be a bad idea, especially when you are riding a bike
  • Drink because you don’t want to be left out

Your friend has tried some alcohol and is feeling a bit rough. What do you do?

  • Tell them a funny story to take their mind off things
  • Give them some coffee
  • Give them some water and make sure they get home safely

Your friends disagree with something you say. You:

  • Go off in a sulk
  • Agree to disagree
  • Argue your point

In a group, which are you more likely to be?

  • The natural leader
  • Go along with the majority
  • More sensible than most

As a friend, your best trait is:

  • your ability to problem solve
  • your sense of humour
  • you’re full of ideas