Just A Few Drinks: Interactive

Just a Few Drinks

Which film did you watch?


Drag and drop the statements into the correct box.
Put the better outcomes in the green box, and worse outcomes into the red box


  • Alan or one of his friends passed out, was sick or got alcohol poisoning.
  • Alan’s friends piled in and there was a big fight.
  • The police were called and Alan ended up with a caution or criminal record.
  • Alan’s parents were called and school informed.
  • Alan’s injuries were much worse.
  • After getting bored skateboarding the lads had a game of football, got a take away and went back to Alans’ house to play on the PlayStation/Xbox.
  • After obtaining alcohol, Alan was feeling rough and fell off his skateboard. His best mate took him home, gave him some water, made some toast and stayed with him until he felt better.
  • Once he is at the bus shelter and the other lads are approaching: Alan just ignores their comments and keeps his cool. His mates come out with some food and they go home and sleep off the alcohol’s effects.


  • Drinking for the wrong reasons – alcohol acts as a depressant as you drink more.
  • Asking those over the age of 18 to buy alcohol on your behalf.
  • Knowing that it’s against the law to drink in a public space if you’re under 18 and that the police can confiscate your alcohol, therefore you don’t drink.
  • Emily bought some sandwiches and snacks for everyone to share and they sat around in the sun and chatted.
  • Once they’d finished at the park, she realised she hadn’t had anything to eat and invited one of her mates home to watch a DVD and have supper.
  • Once she was at the club she switched to soft drinks as she knew she could get her mates into trouble if she was caught under age drinking. She also wants to stay healthy and take care of herself so she decided to have a ‘mocktail’ followed by a slimline tonic and no – one knew any different.
  • When she was being sick her best friend called her parents and they both got a lift home. Although she felt awful the next day.
  • Looking after your friends (never go home with a stranger or on your own).
  • Planning how you get home before you go out (charged mobile, money for taxi, parents to pick you up or public transport).


  • The police stopped Jordan in the street and confiscated his alcohol – he lost £70 of booze as he was under 18.
  • Jordan got aggressive and picked a fight at the party. The friends who invited him haven’t spoken to him since.
  • Jordan wandered off on his own, collapsed and passed out.
  • Jordan passes out and no-one helps.
  • Jordan staggers out, trying to find his way home and his hit by a car.
  • Jordan eats a takeaway with his friend, buys a lot of soft mixers and puts his bottle on the drinks table for everyone to share. He has a couple of drinks and has a great time.
  • Jordan realises after a few swigs from the bottle that the neat brandy (40%) is not a good idea and so switches to drinking a beer slowly.
  • He leaves early and gets something to eat.
  • Once he is taken outside his mates stay with him, put him in the recovery position, check his airways are clear when he is sick and cover him up with a warm blanket.
  • They keep him walking round and call an ambulance.
  • They stay with him and call his parents.


  • After the first kiss, Anna drank more and continued kissing him, then agreed to go outside?
  • Anna then felt ill and was sick.
  • After going upstairs when her friends left, things went much further with her friend’s ex.
  • Her friend confronted her and they had a big row at the party spoiling it for everyone.
  • Really embarrassing photos of her kissing her friends ex are uploaded on facebook and everyone starts on twitter about what a bad friend she is, some really nasty stuff.
  • On arriving at the party Anna had something to eat and made sure she drank plenty of water.
  • After her kiss with the first boy, Anna feels really embarrassed, realises she needs to stop drinking and hangs out with her girl friends for the rest of the evening having fun.
  • After going upstairs with her friends, she goes out of the room when the others do and resists the temptation to kiss her friend’s ex.
  • Her friends tell her to come downstairs and they look after her.