Who do you think you are? Starter Level

You arrive at your friend’s birthday party to find yourself faced by a room full of people you don’t know. You:

  • hide behind the nearest potted plant
  • take a deep breath and start chatting
  • hope someone will come and start talking to you

You’ve won a competition to go with two friends to an extreme sports centre. You:

  • feel a bit scared but go because your friends want to go
  • throw yourself in at the deep end
  • turn it down because you’re afraid of going

Your best friend spills one of your secrets. Your first reaction is to:

  • get revenge
  • seethe in silence
  • talk to them about how upset you feel

You hear someone saying you’re a nasty bit of work. You:

  • feel like crying
  • don’t take any notice
  • feel angry

The thought of alcohol secretly makes you feel:

  • tempted
  • nervous
  • frightened

You secretly wish you had more:

  • friends
  • confidence
  • brains

Which of the following feels the most true?

  • People can sometimes be nice
  • People are always nice
  • People are mostly nice

Your best friends dare you to pour some alcoholic drinks at your parents’ house, even though you are all under age. You:

  • tell them to get lost – it’s against the law to drink at home without an adult
  • do it because you don’t want your friends to hassle you
  • do it because you think it could be fun

The best way to make a good impression is to:

  • be loud
  • be easy-going
  • be funny

Your best trait is your:

  • intelligence
  • honesty
  • loyalty