Match Numbers

Explore whether the likelihood of certain outcomes increases or decreases with the level of drinking/ intoxication and how this might be different for different individuals. Have a go at matching the picture to the number of drinks someone might drink for the consequence to happen! Some have more than one answer, and there are some situations where adults shouldn’t drink at all – see if you can spot which ones. Fight 2,4,6 How many drinks would it take for this to happen? Although s...

Alcohol Clock Game

Alcohol Clock Game The alcohol clock game is a rehearsal strategy and is not reflecting current behaviour. Imagine in the future you are planning a night out for an 18th Birthday party – What choices will you make during the evening and at what time? This fun activity will show  how many units each alcoholic drink chosen contains and how long it takes for an adult’s body to digest each drink – It takes an average of one hour for the liver to break down a ½ pint of beer or a shot – two hou...