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There are 13 multiple choice questions coming. Click an answer to choose that one. have a go and see how much you REALLY know about alcohol! Why does alcohol affect men and women differently? The liver breaks down alcohol more quickly in men than women Women's bodies are generally smaller and have less body water, so alcohol concentrations rise more quickly Men's stomachs are bigger so alcohol is absorbed more slowly 2 As women have less body water than men, alcohol levels i...

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Is it true that the police will confiscate alcohol from someone who is under 18? Yes, if anyone under 18 is in a public place, like a park or on the beach, the police will take away any alcohol opened or unopened that they have with them. The police will probably take the young person home and interview their parents and may choose to let their school know. Is it ok for someone under 18 to ask an adult (18+) to buy alcohol for them? If anyone underage asks a friend who is 18 or over to buy al...