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Is it true that the police will confiscate alcohol from you if you’re under 18? Yes, if you’re in a public place, like a park or on the beach, the police will take away any alcohol opened or unopened that you have with you. They will probably take you home and interview your parents and may choose to let your school know. Is it ok to ask someone over 18 to buy alcohol for me? If you ask a friend who is over 18 to buy alcohol for you, they risk having a fine and a caution from the police. This...

Alcohol and the Law

Alcohol and the Law Buying alcohol for yourself It is against the law for anyone under the age of 18 to buy alcohol - whether in a pub, shop, bar or club No ID no sale Even if you are over 18 and you don't have Id, shopkeepers and licensed premises can refuse to serve you if you look younger. Buying alcohol for someone else It is against the law for someone over the age of 18 to knowingly buy alcohol for someone under age - this is called buying by proxy.  They could face a fine and poli...

How much is too much?

NHS and UK Chief Medical Officers' advice on units and drinking guidelines What is a unit and how much is too much? A pint of lower strength (4%) lager, beer or cider 2 units A pint of medium strength (5%) lager, beer or cider 3 units A 440ml can of medium strength (5%) lager, beer or cider 2 units A 500ml can of high strength (7.5-9%) lager, beer or cider 4 units A small bottle (275ml) of lower strength (4%) alcopop 1 unit A large bottle (700ml) o...

Alcohol Clock Game

Alcohol Clock Game The alcohol clock game is a rehearsal strategy and is not reflecting current behaviour. Imagine in the future you are planning a night out for an 18th Birthday party – What choices will you make during the evening and at what time? This fun activity will show  how many units each alcoholic drink chosen contains and how long it takes for an adult’s body to digest each drink – It takes an average of one hour for the liver to break down a ½ pint of beer or a shot – two hou...