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Why does alcohol affect men and women differently? Basically, women have less body water than men and less of the enzyme (ADH) which breaks down alcohol in their tummies and liver – so women tend to get drunk quicker as their blood alcohol content rises quicker. How does alcohol make you feel drunk? When you’re drunk you feel giddy, slur your speech, feel unsteady, your vision blurs and you’ll often be sick. Alcohol (ethanol) circulates in your blood stream, organs and brain until your liv...

Body Watch

Body Watch What happens when someone has an alcoholic drink? Body watch shows you what happens to an adult's body and behaviour. But remember that the same amount of alcohol would have a much bigger effect on a child or a young person. Brain Too much alcohol acts a depressant on the brain, the control centre of the body. It can make the drinker feel happy for a little while, but that's followed by a depressing low. Long-term drinking can kill off brain cells and lead to memory loss and ...