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Talk about alcohol

Around half of violent crimes, and 1/3rd of domestic violence is alcohol related.

Sources: NHS confederation briefing 2010 and NHS statistics on England 09 and DCSF Children, Young People and Alcohol consultation 2009

Welcome to Talk About Alcohol

Welcome to TALK ABOUT ALCOHOL! Whether you think you know about alcohol, or you've never had an alcoholic drink, this site is packed with information, interesting things to explore and challenges to try.

TALK ABOUT ALCOHOL aims to give you the FACTS. What is alcohol? How does it affect young people? Which laws should you know about? Knowing the score will help you to make your own decisions about alcohol in the future.

NEWSFLASH - 31st October - Findings from the evaluation of AET resources by the National Foundation for Educational Research are announced


Alcohol in the curriculum:

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Talking about alcohol:

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